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Khadi Lemon Honey Face Wash – 1 Bottle


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Khadi Lemon Honey Face Wash


Khadi lemon honey face wash has antibacterial and astringent properties, it cleanses the skin of acne-causing bacteria, and it also stop the acne. Due to high Vitamin C in khadi lemon honey face wash it detoxify your skin and boost skin’s natural glow.

Honey is best source of moisturizing skin it nourishes skin and reduce skin dryness problems. Honey also helps in opening pores of skin, due to this it is effective in cleansing away blackheads and blemishes without drying the skin. Honey also contain flavonoid and polyphenol, it act as an antioxident.

Key Features

Lemon extract has antibacterial properties.

It reduces acne causing bacteria.

It detoxify skin and provide natural glow.

Honey in face wash moisturize skin.


Lemon Extracts.


Tea Tree Oil.


Castor Oil.

Coconut Oil.

Cotton Seed Oil.

Rose Water.



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