Khadi Orange Soap (Pack of 6)

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Manufacturer Name – Shivalik Herbal

Manufacturing Country – India

Khadi Orange Soap

Khadi Orange Soap is Filled with the goodness of glycerin, and natural essential oils, soaps with glycerin is a fine blend of luxury for your skin. Orange soap lightens dark spots on your skin,  skin complexion, and it even out skin tone, treating oily complexion. The anti-aging action of orange soap is due to the antioxidant action of vitamin C and exfoliating action of the citric acid. Orange is rich in citric acid, which is very helpful in drying away acne. Oranges contain fruit acids that gently exfoliate your skin to reveal a brighter skin every day. Orange is an excellent beauty aid in reversing the aging process. Due to anti oxidants in orange glycerin soap helps in protecting our skin from external pollution. And harmful effects of sun damage, both of which can damage our skin.

Khadi orange soap citric acid which exfoliates the skin and unclog the pores, thus reducing chances of breakouts. Orange is a great cure for stubborn dandruff, thanks to the high amount of vitamin C present in it. Dandruff can be the result of bacterial infection on the scalp. Because of vitamin C in orange fights off the bacteria on the scalp and removes dandruff as well as other impurities on the scalp.

Due to its hydrating properties, helps in healing dry and itchy scalp. The anti oxidant benefits of orange play a major role in stimulating hair growth. Free radicals can often stop our hair growth. Enriched with anti oxidants, such as vitamin C and E, orange neutralizes the free radicals and boosts hair growth. Also oranges contain folic acid, a type of vitamin B, which is vital for healthy hair growth.

Glycerin soap is considered nontoxic and environmentally friendly. Your skin’s natural oils are often stripped during the bathing process, whether from hot water or harsh products. Hence soap with glycerin can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying. So, glycerin in soap may reduce the appearance of fine lines and other surface blemishes. Above all glycerin based soap is widely popular because glycerin soap do not irritate the skin or create negative reactions.

Key Features

Khadi orange soap helps in reducing acne.

It lightens dark spots.

Removes excess oil from skin.

Reduces dandruff problem.


Orange Extracts.

Essential oils.


Almond oil.


Vegetable Oils.

Castor Oil.


6*125 gm

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